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Ferratas (Fixed Rope Route Climbs) in the Dolomites

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Mesules Ferrata, Piz Selva
Piz Sella: 2941m (Sella Group)
Difficulty: steep and extreme Alpine climb
Starting point: Passo Sella, 2240m
Elevation: 700 m ascent, 500m ferrata, 1000m descent
Time (ascent): Passo Sella – Piz Sella about 3.5 hours (2.5 hours for the ferrata)
Time (descent): about 4 hours
The Mesules ferrata is the oldest rock ferrata in the Dolomites (1912)
Access to the ferrata: from the kiosk, follow path 649 to reach the beginning of the climb route beneath the towering Sella.
Technical details: certainly an Alpine via ferrata (fixed rope route), that unravels along smooth rocks; the steepest stretches are equipped with steps and fixtures. The climb is mostly steep and exposed and requires good arm strength and surefootedness.
At the exit take the visible track and again pass a short and protected steel cable stretch, then walk along the sign-posted track. You will reach the nested terrace and the crossroads between Piz Ciavazes and Piz Selva. Turn left and you will return safely towards Piz Selva.
Descent: From the summit, signposted stretches of the path take you towards the cross on the summit of Piz Miara. Forcela dei Ciamorces (Forcella dei Camosci, 2923 m) and Sella del Pisciadù are lower down. Go down to the right on path no. 649 and on no.2 Alta Via of the Dolomites until you reach the crossroads; from there carry onto path no.647 and go across Val Lasties until you reach the next intersection. The path continues along path no.656 until the turn on the street which takes you to Passo Sella on which you return to the climbing path.
The Oskar-Schuster Ferrata
Starting point is Sella Pass. Take the gondola lift up to Langkofel Col. If you climb up on foot, expect to take 1.5 hours for the 480m ascent. From Langkofel Col, take path no. 525 down to the Langkofel cirque and onto the Langkofel hut (45 min). From the hut, go west into Plattkofel Col.
The marked Oskar-Schuster Ferrata runs from the Langkofel hut to the top of Plattkofel, crossing rocky terrain, steep fault scarps and some sections that are secured with steel ropes. It takes roughly 2.5 hours.
At the start of the climb, go up the ramp (often covered in snow), at the end turn right and continue towards a narrow gully. Climb unsecured (do not start climbing two at once!) up to a col at 2853m. Then go right into a gully, up to a little isolated hill, then go left and cross another gully and climb up a slab wall to reach a statue of the Madonna embedded in the rock. From here, go up a ramp to the end of the climb just before the summit of Plattkofel.
For the descent, take trail 527 heading south-west towards the Plattkofel hut. From the Plattkofel hut, take the Friedrich-August-Weg (path no. 557) back to Sella Pass.
Pisciadu Ferrata–Cavazza Refuge Hut, 2583m Sella Group)
A relatively long and complex ferrata
Access to the ferrata: from car park below Passo Gardena, 1950m
Elevation: ascent about 600m (400m ferrata), descent 600m (Val Setus)
Time: ascent about 3 hours (2 hours for the ferrata), descent 1.5 hours
Characteristics: the lower section of the Pisciadù ferrata twists and turns on a sloping terrain, whereas the higher section is steep and partly exposed. All difficult passages are equipped with iron steps and fixtures that serve as support. Distance between supports is short which adds a safety factor during high season, as the Pisciadù ferrata is frequently used.
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